Drosera 280 Tedder

Drosera 280 Tedder Three-Point-Hitch or Pulled

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The Drosera 280 Tedder is designed for use on challenging terrains, hills or mountains, small plots where it is difficut to go with large or medium machines. It’s the perfect solution for hobby farmers.

The Drosera 280 comes in two versions: third point hitched or pulled.

Technical Data

Working Widthm 2.75
No. of Rotors N° 2
No. Arms for RotorsN°6
No. Teeth per ArmN° 1
Weight Kg 250
Width in Transport Positionm 2.85
HP Requested PowerHP 20
Max. Speed of PTO Shaftr.p.m. 540
No. Wheels N° 2
Tires2.5x8 Standard
Inflation PressureBar. 1.5
Permanent Noise LeveldB 70
AttachmentCat. I/II

Technical Data


Possibility to change the teeth distance from the ground in the working position of the machine.