Saliunca – Lavandin Version

Saliunca - A Special Machine to Harvest Lavandin

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This special machine combines the characteristics of a self-loading cutter wagon with a high-quality collection system that conveys and straightens the plants prior to cutting. Our machine is quick in carrying out the work, easy to use, delicate on the plant, but at the same time effective; furthermore, it offers the option of unloading from the top at the rear.

Several height adjustments allow for adapting to plants of different height and volume.

The Saliunca offers the possibility of speeding up the harvesting operation without damaging the very delicate flowers. The kindness in the processing minimizes the loss of seeds during harvesting.


Standard VersionShort Version
Total Length9.75 m8.20 m
Total Width 2.13 m2.13 m
Total Height3.75 m3.75 m
Body Length 5.80 m4.25 m
Body Width1.65 m1.65 m
Body Height2.20 m2.20 m
Capacity16.3 m310.9 m3
Cutting HeightFino a 70 cmFino a 70 cm


General Features

• Belt conveyors placed in front of the cutting system. Their function is to gently straighten the plants by positioning them vertically to the ground, and ready to be cut.• Speed adjustment of the belt conveyors, which can be manual or automatic (optional).• Hydraulic adjustment of the cutting height to cut lavender of different age by picking only the flowers, according to the farmer’s technique.• The whole machine is completely hydraulic: elevator, conveyor, and tailgate or high unloading system (optional), including the 1.30m cutter bed, which is also hydraulic and equipped with a single motor with helical transmission gears.• High rear unloading system (optional) or conventional low rear unloading via a standard tailgate.• Proportional adjustment of the forward speed of the horizontal conveyor.• Hydraulic movable drawbar which allows an offset position when cutting: the tractor never passes above the product, therefore preserving the integrity of the plant and flowers, avoiding contamination.• Version with a single semi-axle or version with two semi-axles installed on independent pendulum system to track the ground. This “portal shape mounted” system allows to pass above the plant without damaging it. The plants are never touched both by the machine and the high unloading device.• Hydraulic system set up to protect the moving parts from any damage.• Control panel unit in the cabin.• Possibility to install cameras for rear maneuvering and / or for alignment to the row and / or for viewing the load compartment.• Excellent machine capacity: 16.3m³ – double tandem axle version.  Shorter version, with a single axle, and capacity reduced to 10.9m³.

Cutting Features

Tractor’s forward speed up to 15 km / h.Cutting height adjustment system from a minimum height of 7 cm to a maximum of 70 cm, thanks to the belt conveyors. The adjustment system allows for optimal cutting and harvesting of the flower without loss of seeds, since the plant is delicately collected in an upright position and cut without undergoing any shaking.The speed of the collection belts can be manual or automatically adjusted and synchronized with the forward speed of the tractor (optional).

Features of the Drum Mower

The fully hydraulic professional drum mower produces an excellent “flywheel” effect and ensures a clean cut of the flower without dissipating its seeds.The cutter bed is parallel to the ground to perfectly cut the plant, which was previously gently straightened by the belt conveyors and placed vertically in cutting position.Our mower mounts transmission helical gears, silent and efficient, and high strength steel discs.

Unloading Features

The machine can be supplied in two versions: a version with a standard low unloading system via a tailgate and a version with a high rear unloading device, which allows the transfer of the product into another means of transport directly in the field, thus maximizing productivity.The sides of the machine and of the high unloading device are made to avoid any lateral leakage of the product.Any residue of the unloaded product can be conveniently removed through an opening door in the lower part of the high unloading device.Forward speed adjustment of the horizontal conveyor.

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