Drosera 550 Tedder

Drosera 550 tedder three-point-linked

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Professional machines: reliable, light, suitable for small tractors too. They guarantee the optimal overlap of the teeth for a perfect aeration, maintaining the nutritional values of the forage at the same time. Model available in a three-point-hitched version.

Technical Data

Working Width5,50 m
No. of Rotors4
No. Arms for Rotors 6
No. Teeth per Arm 1
Width in Transport Position3.00
HP Requested Power 35
Max. Speed of PTO Shaft540
No. Wheels 4
Tires 15x6.00-6 Standard
Inflation Pressure 2.0
Permanent Noise Level 70
AttachmentCat. II

Technical Data

Lock for road transport

During the work phase, the freedom of movement of the machine is guaranteed by a system of double slots. During transport, the three-point-hitch is easily blocked to avoid possible skidding.

Adjustable wheels

Wheel height adjustment for easy modification of the working angle.


This device prevents the deviation from trajectory, keeps the machine in line with the tractor’s direction of travel without interfering with the mobility of the three-point-hitch.

Anti-overturning rear base

This support foot prevents any rear overturning of the machine when in storage position.

Wheel adjustment mechanism

You can choose and fix the direction of the wheels for borders.

Curved Tandem and wobble limiter

With safe and robust operation, this joint allows the transmission of motion during the work phase.

The closing of the external rotors is also guaranteed without losing the timing of the machine.

Hydraulic closure for road transport

L’apertura e la chiusura dei rotori esterni avvengono tramite una coppia di cilindri idraulici collegati al trattore. È presente anche un gancio di sicurezza per il trasporto su strada. !!!!!!

The opening and closing of the external rotors take place via a pair of hydraulic cylinders connected to the tractor. There is also a safety hook for road transport.

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