Self-Loading Cutter Wagon RS 140

The Riberi RS 140 is our largest model, built for big farms with more than 100 head of cattle.

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The Riberi RS 140 is our largest model, built for big farms with more than 100 head of cattle. Elevator, conveyor, and door are hydraulically controlled; the mower is mechanical, but its activation is hydraulically driven.

This model, the largest of the range, is fitted with an independent segmented boogie axle system. It comes in three different versions:

  • With simple hydraulic tailgate for rear unloading.
  • With simple hydraulic tailgate for rear unloading and retractable conveyor for side unloading
  • With dosing rollers and bilateral unloading belt (simultaneous as an option) and independent hydraulic tailgate for possible rear unloading.


Technical Features


  • Robust frame and drawbar in high strength steel (S355) with special attention paid to thickness, tubular section, and welds.
  • FEM simulations to verify the structural tightness of each single component of the machine.
  • A segmented double bogie axle system is standard. The independent oscillation on both sides minimizes the stresses on the frame.
  • Mower on independent frame that allows free oscillation.
  • Self-steering rear axle as an option (on request).



  • Two-drum cutter bar with helical gear transmission that transmits more power, reducing consumption and noise.
  • High resistance steel discs. Hydraulic lightening system (on request), which drastically reduces mechanical stress on the mower / elevator unit, increases the life of the machine and provides a dynamic response to the roughness of the ground.
  • Perfectly shaped collector plate which, thanks to the turbulence of the drums, conveys the forage directly into the loading elevator. The product never touches the ground and remains clean.



  • Loading elevator with two chains equipped with forks that transport the product without damaging it.
  • The elevator is hydraulically driven and can mount a certain number of knives to cut the forage and make unloading easier.



  • Hydraulically driven chain conveyor sliding on the loading platform.
  • Different unloading solutions: sidewards or from the rear tailgate depending on the versions.

Data Sheet

Loading Capacity [m³]42
Vol. DIN 11741 [m³]32
Cutter Bed Width [m]2.10/2.30
Total Length [m]10.40
Total Width [m]2.35
Total Height [m]3.25
Body Length [m]6.30
Body Length with Tailgate [m]6.90
Body Width [m]2.20
Body Height [m]1.65
Body Height with Extensions [m]2.10
Axels [Nr]2
Standard Tires520/50-17
Net Weight [Kg]5000
Net Weight of the Version with Dosing Rollers [Kg]5600
Minimum Power85 cv
Recommended Power150 cv

Technical Features

Independent Segmented Boogie Axle System

Cutter Bar up to 2.30 m

High Performance Hydraulic Circuits

Loading Elevator

Several Unloading Solutions

Unloading Tailgate

Standard Streaight Drawbar

Z-Shaped Drawabar (Lower Drawbar under the PTO)

Closed Sides

Open sides

Electric Controls and Electric Control Unit


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