Riberi company

Riberi company was started in the mid 60’s and it became a leader in the production of agricultural machinery thanks the know-how of our specialized staff for all our clients throughout Italy and all over Europe.

Technology and quality

Today, a new collaboration between the historic company F.lli Riberi, with almost one hundred years of experience in the world of agricultural machinery and wagons and the modernity of Terra Implements, born four years ago within the Damilano Group with the intention of developing highly technological and qualitative machines for agriculture.

History and modernity therefore find a meeting point in this partnership whose purpose is to give continuity to a brand that for decades has kept the Cuneo name high in the world market of agricultural machinery and on the other will allow new investments in research and development thanks to the engineering of Damilano Group – Terra Implements.


Riberi offers its clients all the advantages of the knowledge and capabilities of trained technical and commercial staff, committed to coming up with proposals that are based on solutions that take both technical and financial considerations into account.

In the agricultural sector, our competent technical office applies two principles - the study of new methods and ongoing research aimed at improving our machines.

This office is also responsible for carrying out stringent acceptance tests on machines before they are put on sale.
In addition, particular attention is paid to all problems related to the safety of agricultural workers.

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